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Download Torrent: SmartsysSoft.Label.Maker.v3.26.WinAll.Incl.Keygen LeechTorrents.com
Info hash: e77f16234121eb0eb200a03ec529a464557bdb14
Tracker: udp://tracker.pirateparty.gr:6969/announce
Category: LeechTorrents.com Categories > Software > Windows - Other
Seeds: 902  
Leechers: 43
Health: Torrent health: 9
Total Size: 21.73 MB
Number of files: 8   View torrent files >
Downloaded: 20
Private: no
Upload by: akibul Master Pirate VIP Top Contributer (1,000+ uploads) Veteran Pirate Major Contributor (500+ uploads) Intermediate Pirate (50+ uploads) Rookie Pirate (5+ uploads) LeechTorrents.com Registered Member
Provider: LeechTorrents.com
Torrent added: 2019-01-13 23:01:34
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SmartsysSoft.Label.Maker.v3.26.WinAll.Incl.Keygen LeechTorrents.com

SmartsysSoft.Label.Maker.v3.26.WinAll.Incl.Keygen LeechTorrents.com Torrent Description


The Label Software lets you design Address labels, CD/DVD labels, Folder labels, Media Labels, Post cards, Shipping labels, and even Envelopes.

o This application comes with a lot of pre-designed label templates, pictures, shapes, symbols. You can choose them from a vast library and then custom with your own logo, images and clip art to create your own labels.

o Powerful vector graphics editor program with which you can get your labels with very high quality when your designs are translated to printing.

o Supports to print your design on any standard papers at your local printer. Also it\'s allowed to save your publication as a high quality image with BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF format for outside quality printing.

Key Features
Powerful vector graphics editing program

* Each vector object such as shape, symbol, text can be filled or stroked with solid color, gradient colors, images, patterns.
* Provides visual path editing tools to edit shapes. With which, you can create the most unique shapes, symbols or texts if you desires.
* More than hundreds of dash styles are supported to be used for stroking shapes.
* Each drawing elements is painted very smoothly. So you can get very nice labels when your designs are translated to printing.
* Works like a greate image editor program that supports strongly layer-editing. A shape object can be filled and storked with different transparency level.

Installation Instructions

Run SLMSetup.exe

To Install SmartsysSoft Label Maker 2.10

follow The Onscreen Instructions By The Installer

When Finish Installing Tick [ Run LabelMaker.exe ]

And Click Finish To Complete The Setup, When The Program Starts,

Click The Button [ Registration ] Now Copy The Serial Provided

Below, And On The Program Paste The Serial Number Where Stated

To Register The Program And Click [ Register ].

[ N.B. ] If Serial Should Be Blacklisted, Block Program With FireWall,

Done Enjoy !!! .

SmartsysSoft.Label.Maker.v3.26.WinAll.Incl.Keygen LeechTorrents.com Torrent files list (total 21.73 MB in 8 files)

Icon for document filetypeFALLEN.png (60.87 KB)
Icon for document filetypeFTUApps.com website coming soon.txt (0.09 KB)
Icon for document filetypeHow you can help Team-FTU.txt (0.24 KB)
Icon for document filetypeSLMSetup.exe (21.43 MB)
Icon for document filetype[FTU Forum].url (1.34 KB)
Icon for document filetype[FreeCoursesOnline.Me].url (0.13 KB)
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