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Download Realtek HD Audio Driver WHQL LeechTorrents.com Full Version Torrent

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Download Torrent: Realtek HD Audio Driver WHQL LeechTorrents.com
Info hash: f7e4065e7daa82dca69ebd50e82eb4728dcfe416
Tracker: udp://tracker.pirateparty.gr:6969/announce
Category: LeechTorrents.com Categories > Software > Windows - Other
Seeds: 743  
Leechers: 271
Health: Torrent health: 10
Total Size: 724.21 MB
Number of files: 3   View torrent files >
Downloaded: 42
Private: no
Upload by: akibul Master Pirate VIP Top Contributer (1,000+ uploads) Veteran Pirate Major Contributor (500+ uploads) Intermediate Pirate (50+ uploads) Rookie Pirate (5+ uploads) LeechTorrents.com Registered Member
Provider: LeechTorrents.com
Torrent added: 2019-01-13 22:57:01
More Torrents: Realtek HD Audio Driver WHQL LeechTorrents.com Torrent Full Downloads
Realtek HD Audio Driver WHQL LeechTorrents.com

Realtek HD Audio Driver WHQL LeechTorrents.com Torrent Description

New version of High Definition Audio drivers for sound card from the company Realtek, drivers are designed for operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 - 32/64 bit.

Info about the driver:

Name: Realtek High Definition Audio drivers (High Definition Audio System Software - Realtek ALC Audio drivers)
Package version driver: PG4.68
Version drivers: Win 7, Win 8/8.1 , Win 10

Drivers Date: 27.11.2018,

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 - 32/64 bits

1. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 WHQL Supporting:
ALC882, ALC883, ALC885, ALC886, ALC887, ALC888, ALC889, ALC892, ALC899, ALC861VD, ALC867, ALC900, ALC1150, ALC660, ALC662, ALC663, ALC665, ALC668, ALC670, ALC671, ALC672, ALC676, ALC680 ALC221, ALC231, ALC233, ALC235, ALC255, ALC260, ALC262, ALC267, ALC268, ALC269, ALC270, ALC272, ALC273, ALC275, ALC276, ALC280, ALC282, ALC283, ALC284, ALC286, ALC290, ALC292, ALC383

Supported codec: \"Realtek High Definition Audio\"

ALC861 Value HD Audio Codec
ALC861-VD-GR Value HD Audio Codec
ALC880 Series HD Audio Codec
ALC882 7.1+2 HD Audio Codec
ALC883 Value 7.1+2 HD Audio Codec
ALC888 7.1+2 Channel High Definition Audio Codec
ALC888T Advanced 7.1+2 HD Audio Codec for VoIP Applications
ALC885 7.1+2 Channel High-Performance HDA Codec with Content Protection
ALC888S 7.1+2 channel high definition audio codec with two independent s/pdif-out
ALC888S-VC 7.1+2 Channel High Definition Audio Codec with Two Independent S/PDIF-OUT
ALC888S-VD 7.1+2 Channel HD Audio Codec with Two Independent SPDIF Outputs
ALC889 7.1+2 Channel HD Audio Codec with Content Protection
ALC892 7.1+2 Channel HD Audio Codec with Content Protection
ALC662 5.1 Channel High Definition Audio Codec
ALC663 5.1 Channel High Definition Audio Codec
ALC665 5.1-Channel High Definition Audio Codec
ALC231 High Definition Audio Codec with Mono Class-D Speaker Amplifier
ALC260 HD Audio Codec
ALC262 2+2 HD Audio Codec
ALC268 2+2 Channel High Definition Audio Codec
ALC269 High Definition Audio Codec with Embedded Class D Speaker Amplifier
ALC272 4-Channel High Definition Audio Codec

Language: Multilingual

Install Notes:
-Extract archive with WinRAR or 7Zip.
-Install it.

Realtek HD Audio Driver WHQL LeechTorrents.com Torrent files list (total 724.21 MB in 3 files)

Icon for document filetype8541_FF00_PG468_Win10_RS1_RS2_RS3_RS4_Win7_WHQL.zip (724.21 MB)
Icon for document filetypeDownload katkat's Torrents - 1337x.url (0.11 KB)
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